Kirsty Logan

Kirsty Logan runs the Rabble Chorus and is representing the XR 'Red People'

She will be appearing at Siren Nights I on 8 August - and a surprise guest appearance too!

Kirsty Logan is a professional freelance musician who works on a number of projects across East Anglia. She spent a few years working with kids in the grottier parts of London before needing to escape to somewhere a bit greener and then spent the next decade or so teaching and lecturing in Suffolk. Kirsty plays with the Ed Zachary Band amongst other groups, runs the Rabble Chorus and the Campaign Chorus and takes on freelance projects such as recording rehearsal tracks for musicals and running workshops with Suffolk Arts. 

Kirsty is not in any way, shape or form a ‘singer’ so please don’t get in touch asking for singing lessons unless you want to hear someone laughing like a drain for about 2 minutes solid. She just happens to like the noise of people enjoying themselves in a musical way and will keep making this happen for as long as seems polite...