Nicola Coe

Nicola is running free workshops on 30 July at Making Space for Siren

She works with natural inks, paint, 2D artworks and paper vessels

Nicola Coe is an artist who works with and within nature. Her subject matter are the landscapes she comes into daily contact with and the souvenirs of nature she finds within them. Using a combination of medium and process; involving walking, printing, natural inks , paint, the elements and words, her creations include 2d artworks, paper vessels, contact prints and artists books. Nicola was born in Colchester in 1968. She attended the North Essex School of Art for a two year diploma in Art and Design, followed by obtaining a BA(hons) in Fine Art from Exeter College of Art and Design. 

She says of herself: " I am dedicated to the natural world... This has become more apparent for me over the past few years, and along with my strong horticultural links, my work tries to highlight the details of nature that seems so often over looked in this modern age.

The collecting of natural finds is key to my visual work. The resulting images come about from the influences of the place where these objects are found, the colours around me at the time, the forms the memories evoke.

Working in tune with the seasons is particularly important, and my subjects often change with those natural finds available and present at the time of year. I work with the most natural and environmentaly conscious mediums I can find or make, this has included seaweed dye, oak gall ink and contact printing. I have a deep love of nature and fear how much of our natural world we are losing...I have found  a way to make art that feels authentic to those beliefs . My garden is also very important to me, my studio sits right in the middle... I am surrounded by a landscape which I walk in regularly and forage for feathers, leaves , oak galls and inspiration..."

Nicola works both 2 dimensionally and 3 dimensionally. Working with Paper, natural inks, rainwater and the environment. Her creations include Paper vessels, contact prints and books... Along with her visual art she also produces a range of wearable art... 'Foraged'. These works are naturally dyed, recycled scarves ... The dyes are made with botanical alchemy from and within the garden...

Nicola lives in Suffolk; is married with two grown up children. Her website is here.

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