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Festival experts are creating digital broadcasts this winter

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Siren Digital Festival & Projects 2020

YOU could be making creative projects and videos to be broadcast in a new digital festival this autumn and winter. 

Siren is offering support and skills for young people in East Suffolk to take part alongside musicians, performers and experts in festival broadcasts imagining the future we want for ourselves and nature. You can make ‘dull’ topics more interesting to other people by using art, creativity, science, music and performance to talk about local food, nature, land, waste and the future. 

Whatever your skill, be bold, be brilliant and be part of something. The team behind Siren have created big festivals, worked with musicians and TV presenters and run livestream broadcasts, video and social media projects. 

Covid, climate change, disappearing nature, uncertain future … it’s easy to feel anxious and isolated but we work to kick out the feeling of ‘so what?’ and replace it with ‘what if?


  • Three 3-hour broadcasts with presenters in an online ‘studio’ 
  • Broadcast in February 
  • Live-streamed to Facebook, websites, YouTube 
  • Featuring live hosts, expert guests, musicians and you
  • Plus pre-recorded music, performance and your video content 
  • Your projects can feature land, nature, food, cooking, waste and future
  • You can make multiple videos but each can only be max 5 mins long and 100MB 
  • All planned as Covid-compliant

What next?:
Get in touch with us at and learn more. 

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