It's about young people finding their voice about Nature, wellbeing, mental health and anxiety. Moving from “so what?” and together imagining a positive future of “what if!”

Digital and physical ~ livestreams, videos, projects and festivals created in Suffolk by and for young people, about Nature, wellbeing and future

Why?  Human and non-human futures are changing fast. Right now young people are hugely impacted by coronavirus and understand about climate change, loss of nature, and more. No wonder they feel anxious and powerless about their future. 

What?  Our aim is to help young people imagine a better future: to give them agency to change the things that can be changed; and the resilience to adapt to the things that can’t. 

How?  Through music, film, performance, science, art and creative projects, we make ‘nature’ and ‘environment’ important in young people’s lives, and in ways they can relate to. 

Our projects, skill-sharing and mentoring encourage youth participation and connection with nature; supporting mental health and well-being, self-confidence and a sense of belonging. 

Siren is about action and hope, seeking to replace “so what?” with “what if?”

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