Our Team

An initiative created by experienced local organisations and people, by and for our community, that reaches out far beyond

A range of local people people and organisations coming together to make something special happen.

Every person contributing to Siren is part of our community team making it all happen. 

Sophia Bolton - Festival Organiser
Sophia is passionate about wellbeing, environment, climate, social justice and ocean literacy. A Geography/Geology graduate, she is currently studying for her Masters in Environmental Management, working towards a level 5 qualification in social media marketing, and - when she’s not telling you to like, follow and subscribe - she can be found in the dance studio. Busy person!

In no particular order, here are some of the people who launched this initiative: 

Devi Singh

Christine Davies

Lynsey Hall

John Davies

Jamie Everett

Cally Mason-Gordon

Gina Gow

Ella Roberts

Ian Rowlands

Incredible Oceans are a locally-based national not-for-profit organisation lending their resources and support to this initiative. Based in Aldeburgh, it is a social enterprise run by a core team and a ton of volunteers. They work with creative and community organisations, scientists, campaigners and broadcast media using using art and science to highlight the problems, showcase the solutions and communicate about how our oceans are vital for us and all life on Earth. Visit their website