For the UK, our natural environment has played a pivotal role in shaping our culture, health and economy

for millennia a mainstay of the livelihoods, food and homes for our populatio

We are now seeing profound changes in the natural world, with human health and well-being directly influenced by natural environment health; issues such as loss of nature, species extinction, climate-change, pollution, waste, rising sea levels, ocean acidification, mitigation and adaptation, all affect the future sustainability of human populations. 

These research issues have occupied the minds of scientists for decades, but despite the wealth of scientific research and developments, public engagement is worryingly low. NERC’s Public Insight Research survey (March 2017) revealed that less than half of the UK public had seen or heard of these topics, with significantly lower uptake of environmental engagement in urban as opposed to rural areas. These issues can seem remote from many people’s everyday lives (less than 1-in-5 UK children have ever been to the coast for example).

However, environmental science research and social science studies also reveal the power of improved communication skills to overcome this trend. 

This is our area of expertise. We are creative communicators offering training and inspiration to scientists and researchers to help them learn how they can generate powerful stories about their work.

Scientists are natural explorers and storytellers; seeking out new ways of understanding the world around them. We also believe that public engagement in environmental research increases when it is perceived to directly affect the lives and values of people from varied backgrounds and cultures.

With the right tools it is possible for those gathering and working with environmental data to provoke real, game-changing engagement: with colleagues; decision-makers; the press; and wide public audiences. 

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