Dive Under the Water

Stour seagrass, seahorses, sea squirts and Sargasso Sea eels ...

12.00pm Sat 25 September

We kicked off with an hour and a half of interactive facts, chats, costume and nonsense about Stour and Suffolk watery things. Yeah sure, it was ecology, environment, science and species-saving but it was for those who prefer to learn about their local wildlife with a healthy dose of madly-creative - and madly-made - videos brought to you by local young creators. We talked wild things, we had quizzes and discussion (including 'Ask the Experts' in 'Geek Corner') and you got to be a part of the broadcast.

We discovered that we have some eco-surprises on our doorstep: bizarre invasive species from around the world, marvellous Eel migration patterns, and climate change affecting our local Seagrass meadows (and our very own seahorses). 

#NatureOfTheBeast #SirenDigital

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