Digital online broadcasting has the ability to reach large, new and remote audiences.

We have the experience to help.

We have been delivering innovative digital broadcasts since 2015, reaching large online audiences and earning many plaudits for our content, professionalism and imagination. We stream using OBS, StreamYard and Zoom to social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Using our expertise, and a full suite of our own top quality technical equipment, we can manage the logistics, planning and content with you, and take away all the hassle of devising and operating digital broadcasts yourself.  

Some of our recents projects have included:

Rootstock 2022
Working with the Gatsby Plant Science Education Programme team at Cambridge University, a team of young students, GPSEP hosts and plant scientists broadcast nearly 4 hours of live discussion and pre-recorded videos from the prestigious Sainsbury Laboratory

Nature of the Beasts 2021
Three interactive broadcasts across 4 hours, made by young people for young people, with creative and dynamic films, music, performance, comedy and talks, exploring nature and wellbeing, and following key critters of the Suffolk Coast and Stour - and how they live. Think of it as a bit like a festival camp fire gathering 

Siren Digital 2020
Aimed at, and presented by, 16-25 year olds, this was 12 hours of free online music, performance, cooking, talks, films and photography about nature, mental wellbeing, activism, sustainability and more. Over 3000 people watched live on Instagram and Facebook, or took part through Zoom.

World Ocean Day for Schools 2020
As part of this 1-day live event our live broadcast reached an estimated 6,357 people, with 2.9k views and over 500 live comments and questions to our team on Facebook and YouTube.