Look Up to the Sky

Bats, Turtle Doves, Godwits and even Seagulls are a little bit special. Featuring live music from NWRVR!

6.30pm Sat 25 September

This interactive livestream was your reminder to look up to the sky, you never know what you might miss! We accompanied a dynamic duo off to the 'Bat Church', discovered that Turtle Doves aren't just for Christmas, that we have Icelandic godwits in the winter, and that in fact Seagulls don't exist.

An hour and a half of interactive facts, chats, costume and nonsense about The Stour and Suffolk wildy things, sure, it was ecology, environment, science and species-saving but for those who prefer to learn about their local wildlife with a healthy dose of madly-creative - and madly-made - videos brought to you by local young creators. 

Featuring content from local young content producers we were also deeply honoured and wildly excited to have a live performance from the hugely-talented NWRVR & band .... check them out here if you've been so far in the forest that haven't caught them yet

#NatureOfTheBeast #SirenDigital

Nwrvr and band

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