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Siren Calling is by young people for young people; digital projects workshops and events about optimism, Nature, mental health, self-confidence and community. We aim to give young people a voice about the way they want to live, and the natural environment they want to live in. 

Working with Suffolk Mind and Inspire Suffolk we are delivering Luminous, a project aimed at young people who are worried about an uncertain future, the climate, jobs, nature. Along with loneliness, social media, pressures, the pandemic and more, young people are anxious, which is why 1-in-8 have a diagnosed mental health difficulty.

But Luminous says ‘What if?’ What if we can make things turn out better than we expect? Led by a spirit of ‘what if?’ we share ideas, tools and skills that help young people imagine a better future and manage their mental wellbeing. History and science show that only by imagining things differently can we then actually make them happen.

Three 2-day skills and mental wellbeing workshops in East Suffolk which, along with 6 weeks mentoring, will help participants produce films to be shown in three livestream broadcasts run by them.

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