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what if young people can imagine - and create - a better future?

events, livestreams, videos, projects and festivals created by and for young people, about Nature, wellbeing and future

Three quarters of young people are anxious about the future, the climate crisis, pandemic and collapse of nature. 

Throw in issues around loneliness, self-confidence, social media, deprivation and powerlessness, and we have a youth mental wellbeing crisis; 1-in-8 have a diagnosed mental health difficulty.

Siren Calling is workshops, events, arts and broadcasts, by young people for young people about their future, the way they want to live, and the natural world they want to live in. 

In the last 3 years our diverse teams of young people have run successful projects, partnerships and festivals about Nature, mental health, skills, self-confidence and community.

We are about optimism. Led by a spirit of ‘what if?’, we share ideas, tools and skills that help 16-25 year olds to imagine - and so create - a better future.

A not-for-profit, we are Siren Calling, Community Interest Company number 8505068
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Why? Human and non-human futures are changing fast. Right now young people are hugely impacted by coronavirus and understand the seriousness of climate change, loss of nature, and more. No wonder we feel anxious and powerless about their future. 

What?  Our aim is to help other young people imagine a better future: to give them agency to change the things that can be changed; and the resilience to adapt to the things that can’t. 

How?  Through music, film, performance, science, art and creative projects, we make ‘nature’ and ‘environment’ important in young people’s lives, and in ways we can relate to.

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Sirens have been with us for thousands of years; calling us to our peril, sounding a warning from the sea. And never have we had more reason to pay heed. There are big changes that we are stirring in the oceans, the atmosphere, the land, our world, our coast. What we are facing is what young people and their communities are facing worldwide. How we respond to it here is an example to others.

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