Your skills

Our future is beset by changing climate, rising seas, plastics, pandemics and loss of nature: everyone is feeling moved to speak up

As never before on our changing planet, all of us, whatever our gifts, have the right to speak for our environment and our young people’s future

Artists, creatives, musicians, performers, film-makers, crafts-people, public speakers, environmentalists is in your gift to use your talents to help more of our young people to find their voice, their Siren voice, so that many more of them get to be heard by politicians and decision makers.

Sirens have been with us for thousands of years; calling us to our peril, sounding a warning from the sea. And never have we had more reason to pay heed. Quietly, what we live with is changing. Science is alerting us. Sometimes Nature itself alerts us. Certainly young people are alerting us to it. The big changes that we are stirring in the oceans, the atmosphere, the land, our world, our coast.

What we are facing on the Suffolk coast is what communities worldwide are facing. How we respond to it here is an example to others.

Siren can be your response.

We run training workshops and an arts and environmental festival - specifically for people who don’t see themselves as ‘environmentalists’. We aim to reach out beyond the expected audience and in particular attract young people who are drawn to find their voice by being amongst people like you.

Respected and talented people have been generous enough to have already taken part.

Lend your shoulder to the wheel.

We are all in the same boat.

And never have we had greater need of your skills.

We would welcome hearing from you.

image above of Time and Tide courtesy of Stefanie Calleja-Gera